Published Work: Student Media

I have been published in three different university publications, Whim, The Tartan, and The Beehive.



Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling to be keynote speaker at RU’s spring commencement

Jury finds Virginia Tech negligent in the timely alert of students in April 16, 2007 shootings

Health: It’s not just physical

The moves that count

Q&A on overcrowding

Tunnel of Oppression 2010: From oppression to enlightenment

Meet the new SGA president

The F word, empowering students one four letter word at a time

Ten RU policies you didn’t know about until now

Six classes that help save and make money

Has D2L made life easier?

Video: RU Homecoming 2012 full of Highlander pride

What’s fit and what’s fat

Pink is the new plaid

Virginia Tech shooter identified

Is the food you eat balanced?

Ramen recipes: Keeping your wallet and your stomach happy

1,700 written words a day. Could you do it?

A day in the life of a hearing impaired student

Highlanders around the world

Life off campus: Pros and cons

Arts and Entertainment

Don’t be afraid of this movie

“Immortals” is not something to die for

Futuristic feel good, but a bit cliche

Horror movies you shouldn’t miss in 2011


FOP: Student evaluations need to be re-evaluated

FOP: You made your choice now stop complaining

FOP: Charity adds to the holidays

I love hearing your music from across town

FOP: Halloween’s most offensive

FOP: It’s an illness, not an infection

Bottom line, our food should be better

Open the buildings on weekends for better students!

FOP: Your costume is stupid and you look cold

The Tartan

Emily Redd replaces Lee Hicks as SGA president


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